Diane Turnshek is a lecturer in the Department of Physics at Carnegie Mellon University and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pittsburgh. She has published hard science fiction with a focus on space colonization and first contact. Her love of both astronomy and science fiction led her to crew the Mars Desert Research Station near Bryce Canyon, UT in 2012 where she turned her attention to dark sky advocacy. Her fight against light pollution has taken many forms, including a giving a TEDxPittsburgh talk, curating a series of art gallery showings focused on space art and researching residential dark sky shielding for the DIYer. Her Pittsburgh gallery shows were organized at Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center in August (“Our Pittsburgh Constellation”), Assemble, a community space for arts and tech, in March (“Heavenly Bodies”) and “Doors to the Universe”.







Giselle has been involved in the arts since the age of 5. She studied piano and composition for the majority of her childhood and in her twenties focused on digital art and technology. Currently she integrates what she has learned in those fields into her artistic practice and strives to mix the boundaries between them.